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Do You Have Miniaturized Hair Follicles?

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center is on the cutting edge of the latest laser procedures to promote hair regrowth and stop hair loss. As a top cosmetic surgeon and expert on hair loss, Dr. Mendelsohn utilizes a comprehensive approach to hair regeneration. Those who travel to Cincinnati for the expertise Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center provides will not be disappointed. One of the most popular and effective low-level laser therapies is the Capillus272™. The Capillus272™ can provide amazing hair regrowth results by turning the hairs that are falling out, (miniaturized) back to a strong growing healthy hair in both women and men.

What is Capillus 272™ ?

The Capillus272™ is a cap that fits directly over the scalp and can be easily covered with a hat or scarf. It has 272 diode lasers, more than any other device on the market, and uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to promote hair growth. Another plus is that this cap has a portable, rechargeable battery pack, meaning that it can be used during your morning Cincinnati commute. For more information about the specifics of the Capillus272 ™ system, or, to schedule a consultation, call us today!

Why Choose Capillus272™ ?

Capillus has many benefits for individuals looking for advanced hair loss technologies. Any of our customers that come to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Cincinnati who choose the Capillus272™ system will receive a device that has several benefits, including:

• More laser coverage and power than other devices
• Clinically proven to be safe and effective
• 272 laser diodes with no LED lights
• Ease of mobility with portable battery pack
• Discreet and easy to use
• Five year manufacturer warranty

The Capillus 272™ fits around more of the scalp than similar other LLLT options. This makes it a more ideal solution for women as well as men, as it will fit lower onto the forehead than other laser therapies. To see if the Capillus system is right for you and your needs, call us to set up a consultation today! Our Cincinnati office is ready to tend to your needs. Our team can discuss with you all of the possible options for hair loss cessation and hair regrowth so that you are able to determine if Capillus is the best solution for you. This product is made in the USA.


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