iGrow - Hair Rejuvenation System

iGrowOnce hair loss has begun, intervention is the best solution. Prevention of further hair loss is one of the best ways in which to ensure your hair stays healthy. In addition to other hair loss prevention and regrowth options, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center is pleased to offer the chance for our Cincinnati customers to experience the iGrow system. The iGrow laser hair therapy system is another form of hair therapy that can prevent additional hair loss and even encourage new hair growth. To see if the iGrow is a legitimate possibility for your hair loss needs, contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our Cincinnati hair loss experts!

What is iGrow?

The iGrow Hair Loss System stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth. Although there is no perfect solution to stop hair loss and ensure new hair growth, the iGrow system is the perfect place to start. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center now offers this advanced technology to all of our Cincinnati customers that are looking to achieve a fuller head of hair. The iGrow system has been shown to promote a thicker head of hair in both women and men. Additionally, the system is designed to be both convenient and affordable. Able to be used in the comfort of your Cincinnati home, the iGrow system can help you to achieve desired results with less hassle and cost to you!

Why Choose iGrow?

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Cincinnati has the experience and knowledge necessary in order to help you choose the right light therapy treatment for your needs. Out specialists will sit down with you and discuss your individual needs and expectations regarding hair loss prevention, treatment, and growth. When looking at the iGrow system as a possible solution for you, we will look at your budget, specific hair loss patterns, and more. The iGrow system is great for people on a budget who may be unable to come to the Laser Center for frequent treatments. It also has many other benefits to consider, such as:

• Affordable, at-home device
• Combination of 51 LED and low-level laser diodes
• iPod/mp3 adapter
• Customizable settings for men and women
• Plugs directly into any wall outlet
• 1 year-manufacturer warranty

Call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center today to set up an appointment. We will explore all options after conducting a thorough hair assessment, but the final decision is yours! Choosing iGrow is one of many treatment options available to you. The iGrow system can also be used in conjunction with other hair treatments and therapies. In fact, a comprehensive approach is often the best choice for maximum hair loss prevention. Come by our Cincinnati center today to experience the absolute best in cosmetic care.

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