LaserCap® is a non-chemical, non-invasive, pain-free treatment that can be applied almost anywhere, anytime.
The LaserCap® includes the rechargeable battery pack, A/C power adapter for charging, the patented laser therapy device containing 224 ‘pure’ laser diodes (no LEDs) 650nm/5mW each. Sturdy airport-compliant carrying case included. International power adapters are available. Rechargeable battery pack means total cordless freedom during treatment.

Charge the battery, clip it to your clothes, put on the hat, flip the switch and go! Operations manual included. Pricing does not include shipping/handling, tax or physician consultation. Dr. Mendelsohn recommends that anyone with hair loss concerns have a complete medical evaluation and tracking photos performed by a qualified, board-certified Hair Restoration Physician before starting any therapy.

It has 224 low level laser lights built inside a flexible dome shaped membrane which provides LLLT exposure to the entire scalp and optimal power for the maximum results.

LaserCap® Science

Treating your hair loss and using a LaserCap® is as simple as inserting it inside your favorite hat and putting it on while you go about your day. It’s the perfect solution for those who want an effective LLLT solution to their hair loss problem at the comfort of their home. Portable, hands free, comes with a rechargeable power-pack and is as simple to use as wearing a hat.

  • Patient Benefits
  • Optimal Power and optimal dosage
  • As easy as wearing a hat
  • Portable, discreet and convenient
  • No weekly trips back to the doctor’s office


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