Hair Loss Transplant, Treatment and Therapy Testimonials


"Great product and happy with results - I've been using the LaserCap Pro for over three years and am happy with the results. I was prescribed the LaserCap from Restore Chicago after they had told me I wasn't a candidate for a transplant. I have a lot of hair, but noticed it thinning in spots and they offered the LaserCap as an option. I have maintained all my hair and previously had been using a device called the iGrow. I didn't feel it was stopping the loss and was also a super clunky and uncomfortable device to wear. I recommend the LaserCap."


"Great product - I’ve been using the lasercap for 2 years and have noticed a big difference in my hair growth”


"A Miracle in My Life - A few years ago I was losing my hair in large clumps, friends who were using Dr. Rabin's Laser Cap, suggested I consult with their advisor, Dr. Doris Day in NYC. I did so and purchased Dr. Michael Rabin's Laser Cap. It was an investment I have never regretted. Within 6 months, following the advice of using a base of rogaine along with the sessions using my Laser Cap, my hair was coming back! Now, it is completely restored, but I continue to use my Laser Cap for a period of time daily, knowing that it it boosting the cells in my scalp, keeping my hair strong and healthy. There are a lot of cheap "posers" on the market, but they are NOT the real deal, you get what you pay for, and Dr. Rabin's Laser Cap delivers!"


"I absolutely love my LaserCap- and get compliments all the time on how healthy and full my hair looks. I am so grateful for your product and I do my at home treatments every other day. I have been a client since 2011 and I still have to undergo multiple xrays and multiple rounds of antibiotics in the course of a year for my cystic fibrosis but my hair is no longer sickly, thanks to my LaserCap!!

Matt Bradley

The Capillus 272 restored the fullness to my thinning hair. Very happy with the results!

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