Best options for women with hair loss

Hair loss isn’t just for men. Many women suffer from hair loss, but they suffer in silence, embarrassed, because it is not something that is talked about. Men’s hair loss is a mainstream topic, but women’s hair loss is swept under the rug. Many women do not know where to turn or what to do when they notice more hair in their combs or more hair in the drain after a shampoo. Lucky for you there are steps to ensure your hair loss is treated and sometimes eliminated completely.
The first thing you should do is see a hair loss specialist.

Many times it is just a hormonal imbalance that is easily treated, especially if you have gone through menopause.
Currently there are several options for helping women with hair loss.

• Minoxidil
This is a tablet or solution that has been known to increase hair growth in women.

• Propecia
This has become a popular drug used by men for hair loss. Luckily it is also used to treat hair loss in women. You cannot be pregnant or become pregnant when using propecia, it has some risks. Check with your hair loss specialist before using Propecia.

Low Level Laser Therapy is fairly new in the United States and is used at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. There are several options that can be used such as caps that are worn outside of the treatment center to higher doses done in the office. A hair loss specialist will help you determine what the right choice is for you!

• Hair Graphs and Transplants
If your hair loss has gone on for too long and cannot be reversed by other methods you can always do non-surgical hair graphs or hair transplants. It is important to try other options before choosing one of these. Consult with a hair loss specialist before committing to any type of treatment.

Women do have options and a treatment plan is waiting for you! Don’t be ashamed of your hair loss, go out and get treatment! Get your beautiful long hair back again!

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