How Effective is Hair Transplant for Generalized Thinning?

When dealing with hair loss it is important to know all the different things that can be done to help it. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through a hair transplant. Many people are unsure of how hair transplants really work and if they work for generalized thinning of the hair. Below we will discuss a few things about generalized thinning and hair transplants to better your understanding of the process.

• Women who have a generalized thinning over their entire head will not be a good candidate for a hair transplant. This is because it is difficult to get healthy donor hairs when you have generalized thinning.

• DUPA is known has Diffuse Unpattern Alopecia. If you suffer from this condition it makes hair transplants more difficult. It is a much better option to go with a Capillus 272 hair loss laser. DUPA causes the quality of your hair to decline. This makes it impossible to get any donor hairs from you. If you think you suffer from this condition see a hair loss specialist.

• If you are male and you’re thinning is on the top, front or crown areas you are a good candidate for hair transplant. Many times in the past a hair loss specialist would have started you on a medication such as propecia to stabilize the hair and make it healthier for a hair transplant, however because of the side effects, it is now more appropriate to prescribe a hair loss laser such as a Laser Cap or Capillus 272 since they do not have side effects and are very effective..

• If you are a woman and your have small areas of thinning you are a perfect candidate for a hair transplant. It is important to have a healthy growth of hair to use as donor hair. This could be done over several sessions are at one time, it depends on the size of area and donor hairs available.

Generalized thinning of the hair can cause large areas of hair loss. If you have any type of hair loss contact a hair loss specialist today. The sooner you get treatment the better the chances of your hair survival.

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