Main Differences Between Hair Loss in Men and Women

There are many difference between hair loss in men and women. Many people think hair loss is just hair loss and there is nothing that can be done about it. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center has all the information you need to better understand the hair loss in men and women.

Men and Women both experience hair loss from genetics.
Even so, men usually lose hair on their crown and frontal hair line. Women usually lose their hair more gradually and it tends to be more of a thinning. This is really the only way hair loss is the same in women and men. It is usually treated with shampoos, medication, and laser therapy or hair graphs.

Chemotherapy can cause hair loss.
If you are taking any type of chemotherapy make sure to consult your doctor. Your hair will grow back on its own after treatment has stopped. This happens in both women and men and is not permanent.

More Women have other conditions that cause hair loss.
While male pattern baldness is normally genetic, women’s hair loss could be other things. Many times it is a treatable conditions such as anemia, thyroid or polycystic ovary syndrome. A blood test will easily determine that this is the cause.

Women are more likely to lose hair because of damage.
When women color and use dryers on a consistent basis, it leads to damage. Using straightening irons that could burn your scalp can also lead to hair loss. Also holding your hair back in a ponytail or having tightly woven weave can cause strain on your hair.

Pregnancy can cause hair change.
After delivery some women experience hair loss. This is easily counteracted with products such as shampoos, medication, and laser therapy.

If you have any questions on the differences make sure to call a professional such as Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center! They will have all the answers you need!

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