Most men and some women have genetic hair loss. This makes them perfect for hair transplant surgery. Hair Transplant Surgery is a surgical procedure that is done in the office of your hair loss specialist. The surgery is not very time consuming and the pain is minimal. Below are a few reasons why hair transplant surgery is a great option.

The surgery has amazing results
If you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery the results are typically good if you choose wisely when making your decision. Typically the “household name places” you see on tv operate in a “factory like or assembly line type atmosphere”. The Doc is working on multiple patients at the same time. They do this because it is more profitable. It is very true that you get what you pay for. Try and find a place that will slow down and take their time.

The surgery is virtually pain free
While hair transplant surgery is surgery, because of local anesthesia, it is virtually pain free. Within a couple of days you will be back to your old self again. Any discomfort the patient has after the procedure can be easily managed with basic pain medication.

The surgery is not that expensive

Many people think the surgery will cost them a lot of money, however Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center offers financing to help get the procedure now instead of later. With options like Care Credit, you could in theory have work done for as little as 60.00 per month.

You will bounce back fast
Yes, you could have some discomfort right after surgery, but within a couple days you will be yourself again. You will have some sutures, but they typically won’t be visible. Within 10 days you will have the sutures removed. All that is left is to wait for the new hair to start growing!

New Hair Will Grow
After two or three months you will begin to see new hair start to grow. We know how exciting this will be for you! It is almost like a new beginning. You will still need to have checkups every 4 months for the first 12 months with your hair loss specialist. During these visits just to ensure the transplant is working and that the hair is growing properly! After that your hair will grow for the rest of your life!